Goran, Abdulla Sulayman

   Abdulla Goran was one of the outstanding Kurdish poets of the 20th century. Born in Halabja in what is now Iraqi Kurdistan, Goran was his nom de plume. He wrote in Sorani.
   Goran's innovative use of language and meter, as well as his harmonious combining of form and subject, represented a turning point in the development of contemporary Kurdish poetry. His work broke with tradition by introducing stress rhythms, which were closer to oral folk styles. He also sought to combat social injustice and thus helped to introduce Kurdish realism. During the early 1950s, he became known as the editor of Jin, a weekly that became a powerful voice for the dispossessed of Kurdish society. He was dismissed as editor and jailed until the revolution in 1958.
   Guli Hiwenawi (Bloody Rose)—the story of tragic love in an unjust world—became a modern Kurdish classic. Another classic, Bukeki Nakam (An Unhappy Bride) emphasized social themes as two lovers from different classes tried to overcome strong family prejudices. Many of his poetic pieces were put to music. He also was an accomplished essayist who sought to create a single unified Kurdish language.
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